Inspiring Heavenly Resorts In Bali Island

If somebody wants to imagine what heaven looks like, Bali Island in Indonesia, perhaps can be a reflection of a mortal heaven. This land of Gods has been well known as the heavenly islands which contains lots of beauty. In every corner of this island, you can find many inspiring places. It is a very amazing place to rest and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Besides, you can always find places such as majestic resorts to stay while you were in Bali. A combination of charming nature, spiritual essence, and the beautiful culture blends in a magnificent design of resorts, no doubt that Bali has always been a favorite tourist destination place. One of the lovely resorts designs which can inspire your dream of heaven is Bulgari Resort and Spa.

Located in Pecatu Village, this resort has combined the beauty of the nature with the comfort tourist can enjoy in its design, both interior and exterior. Nothing as natural as the nature itself, this is perhaps why this resort brings elements of nature as its main concept. Luxurious stone pool and the wooden deck in the yard is the charm of this place. The domination is the traditional bungalows around the yard. They are incredibly stunning.

Let’s look what is inside! A room with glass wall and woods partitions is definitely surprising. You can set your privacy with the curtains around the room. The traditional and natural design in the interior will comfort both your body and soul. Such a little piece of heaven isn’t it?!

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