Fashionable Doria Residence Designed In Italian Style

Italian style always connects to something simple, elegant and classy. It also works in Italian House design in Doria Residence located in the center of Turin. Designed by Fabio Fantolino, this residence was built in exclusive minimalist style. A real taste of Italian style with perfect touch of modernity.

Applied with neutral colors, minimalist aspect is really dominant in this residence. The designer played with white, grey and black as the basic color scheme, but natural tone is also added in the form of wooden accessories and decorations. The color play looks clear, clean and neat. Its modernity aspect was shown here.

The Italian tone comes from the choice of furniture as the main decoration. Their designs are classy and sophisticated. The use of high quality fabrics only for every furniture and decoration has emphasized the artificial taste of the designer and the owner. It is a simplicity covered by luxury.

The lighting is also one important thing that makes this Doria residence looks gleaming. The wide area which is provided for every room looks spacious with the limit of furniture and the effect made by lightings. The lights are placed in every corner which needs to be shown. None of them are left unexposed. For every beauty in this house is important, it deserve many ways of exposures.

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