Contemporary House Design With Metallic Touch

It needs to be creative in mixing some styles for one home design. This house is an example of ingenious decoration which blends metal for contemporary home theme. Don’t think metal always refers to something futuristic. It is different in this post. By being a little bit smarter, metal can match well with the greenery around an even create such a deep impression in the housing designs.

The exterior of the building was covered in metal. The façade looks ergonomic and sufficient, but when you step inside, you will see the contrast left by its front yard. The interior decoration is amazingly lavish and sophisticated.

The interior of the house is dominated by wooden decorations. Parquet and woods create warm sensation inside the house atmosphere. With the spacious area inside, the house can be decorated by any plants in the landscape or patio. Tropical plants are good to built freshness image for the house.

Combinated by glass and stones material, this house looks distinctive from its outside appearance. The painted metal in green also shows the sinergy with the nature. Beautified by many cute lamps and lighting system inside the house, This home is a perfect place to enjoy the power of natural resources beauty.

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